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Puppy reservation Fairy Forest

You are considering welcoming a Great Dane puppy into your home!

There are many questions associated with this decision that must be answered honestly to ensure that a Great Dane puppy is a good fit for you and your family before assuming responsibility for our particular breed.

To make your and our decision easier, please answer a few questions so that we can put you on our waiting list!
Please send your request by email to doggenfee@gmail.com

We do not reserve puppies without a contract, every puppy that is born is already waiting for its specific person. Families who have reserved with us experience everything right from the start and look forward to the day of collection!

If a desired color does not appear in the reserved litter or something unexpected happens during the rearing period, there is of course the possibility of waiting for the next litter or the reservation fee will be refunded.
If you withdraw from the contract of a puppy you have reserved and who fell in the litter, the fee will be retained as security.

Please understand that our puppies are only considered assigned or reserved after the reservation contract and the associated down payment, and remain in the mediation until the reservation amount has been received.

I ask for your understanding, but this is mainly to protect the puppies from pretending to be interested in buying! I would be happy to explain "WHY reserve" in two short examples. The deposit is a security for the breeder, the puppy and the buyer.

This means that if you pay a deposit, you are sure that you will get the puppy, the deposit will be deducted from the purchase price on the day of collection. (There are many cases where families reserve a small puppy and later find out that the puppy is no longer available or has been sold elsewhere, so of course the disappointment is great!) From the fourth week of life, you can then come to visit your family member, before that it won't work - because the litter is still too small and protection against foreign germs from the outside is important and indispensable. A reservation for the breeder is important: that the new family, who have paid the puppies down, will also wait the 8-12 weeks and actually take the puppy home as soon as the time comes. If this is not the case and the new owner has changed his mind and does not want the puppy anymore, then he can do that, but he will not get the deposit back! Because the breeder now has the effort to look for new parents for the dog child, which is then again associated with time and costs.

WHY a reputable breeder works with reservation ...
I will explain this to you with two examples:

1st example
A family has verbally reserved a puppy and is asking that it stay until the 12th week, only then can you get it. With constant contact to the family and information from the puppy, he was held back as discussed in the belief that the family would come and with the 12th week a call came from the family, they no longer want the puppy. You change your mind. However, the puppy was already 12 weeks old. It was another four weeks before he was placed again. Then he was already 16 weeks old! It's not fair to the puppy when a little mouse has to stay longer. A young dog settles into the new family much faster than an older dog.

2nd example:
For a long time I have been following the fact that there are always times when there are real "puppy holes" with us VDH mastiff breeders and it is difficult as a breeder to find a good home for his puppies. It is not uncommon for some puppies to stay with the breeder for months - but why is that?

As a rule, a Great Dane puppy should move in with its new people between the 8th and 12th weeks and be influenced by the living conditions there and get to know the big wide world, everything that is important for its future life and what it is supposed to be has prepared well ...

Now the question arises why there is a "surplus" of puppies from time to time. After consulting with other breeders etc., the question arises why one is planning a litter when there are no "pre-orders" ...?

But how can it be, conversely, that breeders already register 4 - 6 or more inquiries before the litter planning - then plan a litter and in the end there are at most 2 puppy buyers left - or, even better, that a call comes on the day of the agreed pick-up that you don't fit into life after all?

Many breeders have already experienced this!

After discussions with different breeders, it is noticeable that the same names often appear with several breeders, especially when making a reservation (by phone, or completely "non-binding" by email). Now the breeder is planning his litter, raising it with great devotion, love and care, with the joy and the belief that some of the "reserved" dogs have already been placed ... ... BUT when family XY reserves a puppy from several breeders .... and ultimately only buys a puppy from one breeder, the reserved puppies of the other breeders are left behind - not only the other breeders suffer from this, but also the puppies!

These could have been put into the best hands several times, but now there are no more interested parties and the puppies are spending a "longer life" with the breeder than necessary. Why?

Because all other interested parties were informed that the puppies are already taken. If it were about a "commodity" we would not need to comment on this topic, BUT these said "animal-friendly puppies interested" play and gamble with the lives of puppies who definitely do NOT deserve THAT!

That is why we reserve our puppies directly after their birth with a deposit on the purchase price.

Inquiries to us or our kennel please with name, address and telephone number and / or email, because we would like to know who we are dealing with. Use the contact form above. Take a look at several breeders and kennels and decide in good time for ONE BREEDER, only there you should reserve a puppy!

Of course it can happen that a planned litter does not "fall" as desired, the appropriate desired color is not included or not enough puppies are born or for other reasons no puppies have been born or die in the rearing phase - this risk, which one Breeder always carries. Ultimately, you want the breeder to give you a puppy that has been bred and carefully raised to the best of their knowledge and belief, and you want to take in a family member who will be with you for a few years. Your puppy must be able to rely on you and that starts with the reservation !!!

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